Vision and Mission


Promote Peace to the World through Art and Education


1. Promotion of Peace

  • Through Artistic events
  • Speeches and philosophical debates
  • And Education

2. Cultural Exchange

  • All our events should gather countries with antagonism
  • And war state or potential for war
  • The idea is to gather Artists, Philosophers, Economists, Historians or any person who might help elevate our debate and discussions
  • In order to get closer to our goal: Peace

3. Education

  • Our events should help us collect money in order to create peace centers around the world
  • The goal of these Teaching Centers would be to teach anybody but focusing primarily on children
  • The teaching would be centered around Art but should touch Philosophy, History, Economy and the Hiroshima Bombing
  • The idea will be to have children (or any student) understand our society and its evolution since the cave paintings until today and try to know oneself better into the process. So that one can respect oneself and the others.

Inner Peace