Our main goal is to help everyone know oneself through Art studies linked to all aspects of our society (Philosophy, History, Economy…).

But we will first start with programs that explain what happened in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. It is indeed important to understand what happened in order to avoid that such a disaster happens again.

Doing so, we are sponsoring an education curriculum for High Schools (9-12) in the US.

Here are some aspects of this curriculum:

Lesson Overview:

  • Advanced-level students will write narratives from the perspective of atomic bomb survivors depicted in rare photographs and multimedia biographical information.
  • They will then create 2 or 3 dimensional work of art depicting¬† a moment from the narratives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss visual media and write a descriptive narrative using sensory details
  • Identify the events leading up to the atomic bombings, speculate what life was directly following the bombings and what life is like now
  • Write journal entries from the perspective of a survivor
  • Create a 2 to 3 dimensional work of art

We will let you know the evolution of this curriculum which should be tested by September 2015 in US high schools.

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