Director – Mari Tanimoto

My name is Mari Tanimoto. I am Kiyoshi Tanimoto’s granddaughter.  My grandfather passed away little after I was born. Therefore I was not able to ask him details about the war, the bomb and his activities in the USA.  Besides I did not ask details about my grandfather’s life to my grandfather and parents. Doing so, I grew up and became an adult without knowing much of my grandfather.

But after entering social active life, working and meeting all kinds of people, I naturally started to think about my roots. I was born in Hiroshima and I was the granddaughter of Kiyoshi Tanimoto. I realized it was an essential element of mu upbringing.

Regarding Peace and War aspects, as well as Kiyoshi Tanimoto’s endeavors; I would say that I am the member with the least amount of knowledge into the Tanimoto Peace Foundation. And this is the reason for which I decided to be part of it.

Off course, it will also allow me to grow as an adult. And receive help through experiences of other people about the feelings of Peace and War.

Through the Tanimoto Peace Foundation, I would like to share ideas and feelings about Peace and War with people all around the World to helps us grow and be better persons.

Inner Peace